Do's For Your Radiator Maintenance
Do check the level of coolant both in the Radiator as well as the de-aeration tank, atleast once in fifteen days or once every 3000 kms., whichever is earlier.
Do check the water level once in two days in case Coolant is not used or if there is no de-aeration tank fitted in the vehicle.
Douse clean potable water always while filling up the cooling system.
Note:- If there is a drop in the level of Coolant/Water during normal running in the Radiator check for leakage in the external cooling system circut, hose pipe connections etc. and rectify.
Do check the functioning of the Vacuum release valve/Pressure relief valve oil tile Pressue Cap or submit the vehicle for inspection at any service center.
Do Check the temperature gauge daily for proper functioning. Check if the needle has registered at the same level every time after the engine has stabilized. If the needle shoots up excessively, have the vehicle checked up.
Do ensure maintenanace schedules as described above are followed strictly.
Do ensure the vehicle is run with Double Scaling Pressuer Cap of Proper rating i.e. 13 psi (0.9 ksc) in hte case of case of coolant system, or 7 psi (0.5 ksc) for water system. The Pressue Cap must be in place whenever the vehicle is running. Running the radiator without Cap is detrimental to not only to the radiator but also the engine.
Do wash your hands if you have Coolant on them. Coolant is poisonous and may lead to serious illness, if swallowed. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling coolant.
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